Little brothers of the Lamb
"Light of Mary, Mother of God" Monastery
Dedication details: Save the Date! The dedication of the little monastery will be held on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, beginning with Mass at 10 am, at 921 Homer Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101. We hope you can come help us celebrate and give thanks for the generosity of all who have helped this home become a reality!
Confiding in Divine Providence, we started fundraising to build a monastery for the little brothers. We received a piece of land that was part of the former baseball field at the intersection of Boeke St and Homer Ave. in Kansas City, KS. On Pentecost, the day before Archbishop Joseph Naumann's birthday, we broke ground! It was a beautiful and exciting moment.
Already on August 13th, we, the little brothers, started to work on the property, and the next day a bulldozer arrived! Construction has begun! We will keep you up-to-date on the little monastery's progress.
The fundraising for this project began in November 2014. Our first wish was to give a strong spiritual foundation to this monastery. We went to many schools in the area to beg for the children's prayer. Now we are coming close to finishing the fundraising, and are grateful for the generosity of so many people.
We need your help on the job site to paint, put down sod, plant, sand, clean up the job site, prepare lunch for the other volunteers. Would you like to help? We need your talents, or at least your willingness to learn! Every Saturday, beginning with Mass at 7:30AM at our little sisters' monastery (only a block away), we will be working on the monastery. The new monastery is at: 921 Homer Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101. Don't hesitate to contact us: 913-998-6644 or
Progress of the little monastery "Light of Mary, Mother of God" will be updated weekly below.
1st of October, 2018 | View of the monastery and grotto from the east; little brother Joseph Marie working on the grotto; view from inside the grotto
30th of September, 2018 | little brother Christophe and Carlos finishing off the bell tower; view of the finished garage
21st of September, 2018 | The library; brick piles in the cloister; basement workshop
13th of September, 2018 | Work on the back of the grotto; bird's-eye view of the monastery; the chapel
4th of September, 2018 | little brothers Christophe and Mariano building the iconostasis; installing the bell on the roof; view of the east side of the monastery
31st of August, 2018 | The grotto is coming along nicely; view of the south side monastery, garage and patio; the peaceful cloister
22nd of August, 2018 | little brother Joseph-Marie preparing the excavator; installing the reinforcement of the main wall of the grotto; placing the onion with the cross in the top of the roof.
18th of August, 2018 | Preparing the icon for the chapel; pouring the concrete on the footings; the iconostasis is coming along nicely.
17th of August, 2018 | Finishing the sheetrock; the prayer on the footings of the grotto of the Virgin Mary.
13th of August, 2018 | Mario and little brother Christophe working on the iconostasis; view of the garage and basement; the footings of the grotto.
6th of August, 2018 | The north side of the monastery; south side view of the garage below and shelter up top; Cody's shelter looks amazing!
30th of July, 2018 | The workers are placing the sheetrock; the little brothers working on the cupula.
28th of July, 2018 | Workday with volunteers: clean-up; moving a pile of rocks for the future grotto; little brother Mariano and our friend Beto working in the shelter; little brother Joseph-Marie cleaning the grotto.
24th of July, 2018 | The exterior finishings of the roof and the walls are done!; delivering the sheetrock in the jobsite; plumbing and electricity.
21st of July, 2018 | The top of the bell tower has been placed; little brother Joseph Marie and John making the formwork of the grotto of the Virgin Mary; cleaning the place of the grotto of the Virgin Mary.
16th of July, 2018 | The roof is complete!; volunteers helping construct the shelter; putting the finishing touches on the shelter.
11th of July, 2018 | View of the cupula from inside the cloister; little brother Mariano and Cody working on the shelter; the roof is almost complete!
6th of July, 2018 | View of the monastery from the back patio; Cody preparing the wood for the shelter; installing the wood siding.
2nd of July, 2018 | Installation of the cupula; the courtyard; Father Joseph Carola takes a tour of the monastery.
26th of June, 2018 | The Courtyard; invaluable help of our friends during the young adult retreat; first windows in the monastery.
21st of June, 2018 | The Chapel; more views of the cupula
18th of June, 2018 | Christophe & Joseph Marie work on the cupula; the roof is almost complete!; the view from Homer Ave.
14th of June, 2018 | The view towards heaven from inside the cupula; roofing begins!
12th of June, 2018 | Christophe's (and Mario's) cupula; the Chapel; Carlos and Christophe preparing the inside of the chapel
8th of June, 2018 | The outside walls are almost all up!
5th of June, 2018 | The little brothers inspect the crew's work; the framing is really coming along!
2nd & 3rd of June, 2018 | Jobsite cleaning with volunteers; in the future refectory.
1st of June, 2018 | The crew is making great progress on the framing!
29th of May, 2018 | The refectory, the chapel, the monastery has got walls!
26th of May, 2018 | Framing progress seen from above; brothers giving a tour to volunteers; future windows; volunteers cleaning the jobsite; volunteers cleaning the bricks.
25th of May, 2018 | Framing is progressing...
24th of May, 2018 | The calm before the framing storm; framing has started!
14th of May, 2018 | Preparing the first floor before pouring concrete; piles and piles of bricks!
9th of May, 2018 | Building of the first floor begins!
8th of May, 2018 | BlueDuct heating and cooling system installation is finished!
3rd of May, 2018 | BlueDuct heating and cooling system is almost done being installed!
1st of May, 2018 | BlueDuct heating and cooling system is being installed by the little brothers and their friends.
19th of April, 2018 | The footings of the cloister are poured.
13th of April, 2018 | Bell given by Mike; preparation for soil test; new fire line.
21st of March, 2018 | The brothers visit the basement.
20th of March, 2018 | Our friend Joe staining our doors; backfilling around the basement.
14th of March, 2018 | Waterproofing of the basement can start.
9th of March, 2018 | The basement upper slab is poured.
2nd of March, 2018 | The basement floor is poured and made smooth.
26th of February, 2018 | Our friend Tom put down pesticide.
20th of February, 2018 | The forms of the basement walls are taken away; the little sisters help us to stain the doors.
12th of February, 2018 | The basement walls are finally poured.
4th of February, 2018 | For the second time, the work is stopped.
2nd of February, 2018 | Leavcon cie builds the forms of the basement walls.
30th of January, 2018 | The footings of the basement are poured.
10th of January, 2018 | Laying down the gravel for the foundation of the basement.
9th of January, 2018 | After temperatures of -7 °F the digging can begin again.
Late December, 2017 | The digging begins!
Mid-December, 2017 | Pre-construction meeting and then Excel Constructors arrive!
Late August, 2017 | Clearing the ground for the grotto of the Virgin Mary and putting up a protective fence on the hill above it.
15th of August, 2017 | The engineers began to "stake" the monastery.
14th of August, 2017 | We started to remove the chain-link fence of the former baseball field, while our friend Timmy McAnany started to clear the ground for the engineers.